Like all businesses, an architecture practice needs to ensure it's ideas are fresh to discover, evaluate and incorporate the best of what’s out there. Collaboration and research are important to Glenn Howells Architects.

We have always collaborated closely with manufacturers and other organisations to research and develop the most appropriate and innovative design and building solutions for clients. These relationships help to create better buildings.

We are currently partnering with Lafarge in Lyon on a number of projects to develop new ways of using concrete and how it can be used to help passively control the internal environment within our buildings.

With Austrian timber company Kaufmann, we are exploring ways of making sustainable office, housing and sports buildings. We employ a Kaufmann intern ensuring manufacturing and cost expertise is on hand to maximise quality and cost certainty for clients. We are investigating a housing solution for forty 150 sq m homes that can each be built for £50,000 and erected in three days.

We also believe sharing knowledge is important. For example, we have worked with a PhD student in conjunction with the University of Birmingham’s Department of Civil Engineering to research government targets for zero-carbon dwellings and commercial buildings and develop a set of guidelines which respond to local environmental conditions.