Fundamental to the way we design buildings is firstly understanding what our clients need from the project.  We then work at small and large scales simultaneously to develop a design where larger site wide factors and the detail of construction come together to create a building that is seamless in thinking and execution.

We believe that buildings should be informed by their location, not only in terms of responding to local climate, topography and landscape but also by the culture and tradition of a place.

Detailing how materials are used and put together is a very important part of our design process. This is considered from the outset and not only allows us to develop a building that has integrity but also allows us to make buildings that are extraordinary from ordinary budgets.

Prototyping and physical 3D modelling are at the core of our design process, this enables us to test ideas rapidly and also refine projects at a range of scales before they are finalised.

A planned, regular programme of design reviews take place on all projects to ensure both our clients' and our aspirations and standards are met.