Mulryan Centre for Dance

London City Island, London

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A transformational project for English National Ballet (ENB) which has seen the ENB School, rehearsal and administration functions move from west to east London and into London City Island's 'Mulryan Centre for Dance'.

The new building significantly expands their current accommodation by providing eight new rehearsal spaces, one of which has full stage rigging facilities which can be used as a performance space in its own right. The facilities are also shared with the ENB School that has its own dedicated dressing and rehearsal spaces.

ENB has a long and distinguished history. Founded in 1950 it is one of the UK’s leading arts organisations, and one of the foremost touring companies in Europe. The new home at London City Island will become the focal point for ballet in the capital and on the world stage.

The design of the building opens up the activities of ENB to the public through the incorporation of large windows onto public spaces and through external performance spaces.

At London City Island, the ENB is wrapped by six colourful and eye catching GHA buildings. In contrast, the ENB stands as a translucent, lightweight structure where the masonry blocks appear to creak open to reveal a striking glimpse of the island core.

“Our ambition is to be the most exciting and creative ballet company in the UK and the world, performing classical ballet to the highest standards, cherishing and refreshing the classical repertoire as well introducing new and innovative work.”

Tamara Rojo, Artistic Director, English National Ballet

Above: Sections AA and BB; Facade axonometric; and Detail section through dance studio


RIBA London, Building of the Year 2021
Civic Trust Award 2021
Chicago Athenaeum Award 2021
RICS Social Impact Award 2020

AJ100 Building of the Year 2020
American Institute of Architects UK Design Award 2020

Schueco Awards 2020
Overall Winner & Best Steel Project