London City Island


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London City Island is a new island neighbourhood located in the heart of East London with distinct public spaces and a matured soft landscape edge to the river.

Over the last 200 years the site and the surrounding wharfs have been a focus for making and industry, this has created a distinct language of simple building forms with regularly punctuated facades. It is this industrial aesthetic that has influenced the clear language of the buildings at London City Island.

"Making" has been reinstated as part of the development. The introduction of creative and cultural industries now defines the Island, with English National Ballet and London Film School sitting at the heart of the project. Island life is further enhanced by a range of amenities, including The Grocer, the Arts Club and a gym. Two art galleries provide further cultural links, and co-working studios provide affordable opportunities for makers and small businesses.

All the 1,706 new homes are being delivered to the highest build quality using prefabricated brick and concrete panels that have been developed with the Dutch firm, Byldis. This allows each of the 11 strikingly coloured buildings to be assembled from highly crafted and modelled facade units, some weighing as much as 23 tonnes – enabling LCI to delivered to an extraordinarily high standard and at high speed, with each floor of a building being completed in seven days.


Mayor of London Planning Award 2017
RESI Award 2017