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Martineau Galleries transforms this central piece of Birmingham into a sustainable, mixed-use destination. The 7.5-acre development will unlock and reconnect this strategic location, expanding the central business district, whilst also framing some of the local landmarks including the Rotunda.

With new animated public spaces and streets, the masterplan builds on the city’s vision to become an exciting quarter for commercial headquarters, providing central city living and a thriving urban environment for visitors.

The plans will create a permeable neighbourhood that extends the High Street, and embraces key future connections, including train, tram and bus networks and the proposed Curzon Street HS2 station and metro extension, creating a natural flow through the city.

Approximately 2.5 acres of proposed masterplan will include pedestrian friendly and car free public space, with the new pedestrianised streets and the public plaza giving space for events as well as indoor and outdoor dining.

Around 350 full-time construction jobs will be created per year over the life of the demolition and construction phases of the project. Once completed, the development will provide around 8,000 new full-time jobs on site, across the office-space, restaurants, and cafes.