Royal Wharf, Townhouses


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GHA’s design of 31 terraced townhouses at Royal Wharf in London forms a significant part of this regeneration development that is delivering 3,385 homes in a prime riverside location, making it one of the capital’s largest regeneration projects. Taking inspiration from the great London estates, these houses display a unique character that help define the identity of the new development.

The homes range in size from 140 sq m three-bedroomed homes to 231 sq m four-bedroomed homes and are a mix of three and four storeys. They have been designed to create a definite edge to the street without dominating. The townhouses offer generous space and light for residents with some dwellings benefiting from roof top terraces and balconies.

The street façade is set back from the street and this establishes a strong residential language along the street and provides ground floor access without comprising privacy for residents.

Through the inclusion of vertical proportions and windows with deep reveals, the houses sport a simple, beautifully proportioned and elegant façade that reinforces the quality found throughout the Royal Wharf development.

The material palette consists of high quality, yellow buff brick, light grey concrete and dark grey aluminium window frames. By retaining a limited palette of materials with complementary colours GHA have created a well-crafted environment that will age in a positive way.