TouchBase Pears


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The interior of TouchBase Pears builds on the key principles of the architectural brief; to create an inviting, inclusive, non-clinical environment that can be safely navigated by all users.

In the central Hub, a simple palette of robust, high-quality materials forms the basis of the interior scheme which compliments the exposed concrete architecture. The neutral backdrop is offset by strategic use of bold colour and contrast, highlighting key features and aiding independent wayfinding throughout the building.

Each entrance to a day services area is highlighted by a bright orange architrave. The reception desk, bar and café servery all display the same green frontage as an indication of a service point. All WC doors are coloured in bold blue. The carefully selected colours sit against the neutral base palette – ensuring the correct level of contrast. Subtle changes in flooring texture were also used to indicate to a user with visual impairment that they are moving from one area of the building to another.

The colour coded wayfinding strategy is reinforced by playful bespoke signage. Working with Sense, a set of identifying logos, individual to each area and its assigned name or use were developed. The resulting signage is both visually contrasting and tactile. Cut out logos, text and braille aim to make independent wayfinding possible throughout the Hub and day services.

Flexibility was a key part of the brief. Modular, lightweight folding and stackable items are used throughout the café and day services. Within the Hub, furniture finish, usability, durability and aesthetic were all carefully considered. A variety of upholstery textures and timber elements gives the furniture a more domestic, welcoming feel.

The project exceeds expected standards and has become an exemplar project due to the careful consideration of finish, colour and texture.