Water Pavilions


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A pair of floating structures connected by a series of bridges, boardwalks and pontoons create a new destination in the emerging Wood Wharf district being developed by Canary Wharf Group.

The two steel and glass pavilions read together as a composition, each wrapped in a screen of linear extruded aluminium shading elements, creating a strong horizontal expression with open ends and balconies.

Above: Physical models showing massing and facade development

An overriding goal of the proposals was to activate the dock as a distinctive piece of public realm, allowing people to have a much closer relationship to the water and creating a new series of environments within which to experience the development as a whole.

The design development of the water pavilions presented a uniquely complex series of technical challenges. Due to the proximity to the Jubilee Line tunnels, and subsequent piling restraints, the structures need to be fully floating.

The design, therefore, allows for buoyancy movements, potential ship impacts and anchorage to the edge of the dock with all services routed through the connecting bridges. The Pavilions were constructed offsite and then towed upriver for final positioning within the dock.

The dock, now known as Water Square, forms part of a sequence of urban routes and spaces, leading eastwards from Canary Wharf to create a whole interconnected townscape bringing together the two parts of the estate.

Below: Images from the pavilions on site