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An overgrown and ill-maintained area of railway embankment is set to be revitalised into much-needed homes for private rent in the London Borough of Brent.

The new 17- and 19-storey brick buildings have been designed with a subtle curve to soften the corners, creating a strong yet elegant contrast to the gridded facade of the adjacent building Chesterfield House. The architectural narrative of the building is derived from its location adjacent to the railway, with the buildings designed to be viewed not only as a backdrop to the High Road but for those who will view it ‘at speed’ while on the train.

The designs offer a contemporary nod to the iconic Art Deco landmarks such as the Hoover building, the Wembley Arena and the former stadium's twin towers. To accentuate this the bold white horizontal banding will contrast with the dark grey secondary detailing to the windows and soffits.

3 Bed 5 Person
3 Bed 4 Person

Internally the perfect square floorplan ensures each home has a premium threshold, with minimal circulation. The one- to three-bedroom high-quality homes will be complemented with a resident’s lounge, creative workspace, rooftop terraces, and a generous ground floor play area and community garden. The buildings sit within an extensive ‘urban oasis’, which is fully pedestrianised and gives a nod to the former forest of ‘Wemba’, referencing the historic origin of Wembley.

Its status as a ‘link site’ between Wembley Central and Wembley Stadium means that once completed, the proposal will assist in re-defining the importance of Wembley’s town centre, acting as a catalyst for further investment and activity along the High Road.