YO! Home

New Islington, Manchester

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GHA have collaborated with Simon Woodroffe of YO! Company to develop an innovative and unique fast build prefabricated structural system that delivers high-quality living in urban areas. YO! Home is a structural system composed of distinct components rather than full room modules and the first scheme using this system will be built in New Islington, Manchester.

The proposals are an evolution of the original YO! Home concept that was previously developed by GHA that give greater flexibility and the possibility of reaching a global market. The site in Manchester will deliver a 23-unit scheme that uses cross laminated timber as the core material. The system draws on the principles of both volumetric and flat pack systems and GHA have created a hybrid solution that offers flexibility and efficiencies in both transport and build time.

The final product is made up of a clever kit of parts which can be manufactured anywhere in the world and easily transported to the building location within the confines of typical shipping container. Once on site, the base units can be erected in a matter of days followed by the distinctive YO! Home cladding. In addition, the system has inbuilt flexibility to allow for different apartment sizes and building configurations without the introduction of additional component types.

The homes are spacious and adaptable with large glazed windows which allow light to flood into each home. Storage is optimised by the clever use of the floor space to make the most of what is available. All the homes will have integrated features including a bed that can be tucked away in the ceiling when not in-use so that the space is used as a living room when in “living” mode. The space is transformed as the bed can be simply be drawn down over the lounge area to turn the entire home into a space to sleep and rest.

As the first development in Manchester will feature a small number of homes grouped around a single circulation core there is a genuine opportunity for home-owners to create their own community and get to know each other.